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Advanced skin and hair care backed by science

New York City-based VETA was founded by veteran Personal Care and Beauty industry executives with one goal: creating the most advanced and effective topical products available today. VETA is the result of decades of leadership in the consumer cosmetics space and the byproduct of a relentless pursuit of perfection through rigorous scientific inquiry.

The VETA product portfolio jointly harnesses hair and skin care technology with tireless R&D into novel, breakthrough topical therapies that are proven in human clinical studies. These combined efforts allow each product to deliver the highest level of performance via our treatment-based solutions. The underlying problems that VETA addresses are not superficial. They are, rather, profound personal care concerns that affect the very identity of men and women worldwide, across all ages and cultures. Conditions relating to compromised skin and hair—and authentic solutions thereto—have the power to transform the most fundamental self-perceptions of individuals. Owing to this ambitious purpose, every VETA product has been tested at length through independent in-vitro clinical studies to ensure it delivers significant, sustainable, noticeable results.

As testament to the efficacy of our products, VETA’s wet line and topical offerings have been adopted as go-to regimens for many leading medical physicians and dermatologists, as well as some of the world’s top plastic surgeons. Importantly, these products remain non-prescription while yielding prescription-level results. Accordingly, VETA has rapidly become a leading option for those seeking drug-free, side effect-free alternatives whose performance can rival or best that of prescriptions or even surgical procedures. Our products equally and ably tackle the protective, restorative, corrective, and preventive needs of adult men and women of all ages.

Our core mission is to improve skin & hair health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise—to provide advanced skin & hair care that is backed by science.


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