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Hello. This is VETA.

For more than 10 years we’ve been on a quest:
A confident world with more, better hair.

One where men and women could enjoy a product with
everything that works, and nothing that hurts.

And that gave us our mission:
Protect - Restore - Prevent

1. Protect the hair you have

2. Restore your hair and scalp to peak vitality

3. Prevent future hair deterioration

That meant transforming the way hair loss solutions are built,
for the better.

Using scientific research and the best clinically proven ingredients
available today.

To make hair thinning & loss optional.

Made in the USA, our clinical skin & hair care is used by dermatologists, salons and for daily homecare. We formulate to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin & hair, and prevent future damage.

Veta is where the salon meets the science...


The story behind our story

About ten years ago, we noticed our hair changing--and not for the better. The shelves were full of drugs or phoney products, most of which seemed to do more harm than good. Invasive surgical treatments weren't attractive options either.


It was clear what we all wanted: more, better hair.


It took lots of disappointment to figure out what we didn’t want:


False hope and unfulfilled promises; harsh chemicals; fleeting results; greasy buildup that left hair unmanageable; snake oils with unproven ingredients; cheap looking and feeling products that embarrassed our showers and travel kits; use-it-or-lose-it regimes; undesirable drug-based side effects (why would we take a drug to grow more hair if it came with higher blood pressure, weight gain and sexual dysfunction?).

In order to avoid these disappointing outcomes, we spent years researching every known active ingredient, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical compound or botanical extract that is, was, or could be associated with growing hair. We visited the big laboratories, the boutique cosmetic manufacturers, and the DIY small-batch beauty creators.

We sat in chemistry classes and presented at hair health conferences. We interviewed and studied with countless dermatologists, trichologists, plastic surgeons, and experts in the field. We pored over white papers and clinical studies.

We bought, tested and mixed nearly every hair growth product on earth.

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